Go Digital. Keep the Past Alive!
Colin Barrett,Steve Luck,Keith Martin,Allen Zuk

Go Digital. Keep the Past Alive!

Home computers are now so powerful and versatile that they are involved in almost every aspect of the creative arts. Music, photography, video and art can all now be created digitally and altered on a home computer. We all have a lifetime of memories from before the digital age. Put old Photographs up on a website, transfer LP's to your portable digital music player or burn wedding video to DVD. All this and much more is possible when you go digital. Discover how to breathe new life into material you thought was frozen in time for ever. Clean up the sounds of scratches and hiss from old albums. Re-edit home movies into tighter, more professional looking productions. Organize your past financial data into a database so you can find that all important tax record quickly instead of searching through boxes.

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